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SAGE X3 Mobile suit

We need SAGE Mobile suit that we can download and install on phones & tablets for easy access and quick responds anywhere anytime without replying so much on computers which are not easy to carry everywhere like phones.

  • Apr 3 2024
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  • Jon Scarpa commented
    16 Apr 09:48pm

    However, I do agree that it would be nice if SAGE X3 "site" was packaged as a mobile app, it would just be easier on end users to download a mobile and select the SAGE X3 URL, than to have to know how to bookmark a page in a mobile browser or add a webpage to the mobile browser screen.

  • Jon Scarpa commented
    16 Apr 09:32pm

    Technically you can access SAGE X3 V12 P30 or later on your mobile smartphone or tablet via your web browser and it resizes very well for those smaller screens. We set up a public URL for our SAGE site and just access it that way on mobile devices, example If you need help setting up a public to private site mapping, then I highly recommend Cloudflare Access.