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Increase the Product and Description field lengths

The X3 Product and Description field lengths of 20 and 30 characters are too short and will not work for us. We currently use Sage 500, and the field lengths of ItemID=30, ShortDescription=40, and LongDescription=255 in that product are ideal. We would like to consider moving to X3, but I am not interested in having to customize it right from the get go for something as basic as item ID and description field lengths. That is one of the most basic characteristics of an ERP system that should be set properly out of the box. One of our longest ItemIDs is actually a non-inventory item. At 26 characters, it is "NI INTEREST INCOME/EXPENSE." We could begrudgingly shorten our ItemIDs that exceed 20 characters, but there is no way that we could shorten the text in our Short Description and Long Descriptions fields to fit into the 30 characters provided by X3. Most items in our system have Long Descriptions that would not come close to fitting into the 30-character fields provided in X3. I realize it is possible to concatenate the Description fields in X3, but even that would not provide enough characters and we wouldn't be interested in doing that anyway. Here is an example of an item with a 37-character Short Description and a 176-character Long Description. The Long Description field contains text that is required to be printed on the Bill Of Lading by the US Department of Transportation. Short Description = "TECH COPPER NAPHTHENATE - 270 GL TOTE" Long Description = "UN3009, RQ Copper based pesticide, liquid, toxic, flammable, n.o.s. (copper naphthenate), Class 6.1, 3, PG III, (RQ > 18.78 gallons) Preservatives, wood, n.o.i. - NMFC 161490-2" That is just one example. We actually have a couple items in our system with Long Descriptions of 248 characters, which again, are required by the DOT. Currently at least half of the items in our system would not fit into the X3 fields. Sage 500 gets this exactly right with its three separate fields of 30, 40, and 255 characters. Please increase the field lengths in X3 so that customization is not needed. Thank you.

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  • Dec 17 2015
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  • Dec 22, 2023

    Admin response

    Planned in 2024 R2 for DES & AXX data types in general.

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  • RICHARD AMOAH commented
    2 Feb 12:01pm

    This problem can be solved using the Note function to add all additional information to the products per line and it shows on the PO printout

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    Stephane Azouri commented
    22 Dec, 2023 01:37pm

    Planned 2024, with a general increase of designation fields, especially AXX and DES data types

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