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Multi-thread native-backup like Bulk-Copy Backup (BCP) as norm over DOSSVG task for backup endpoint data.

Hi all,

From Sage X3 web, for daily backup purpose, I have been taught (in context, this was when Sage X3 v11 is considered the latest Sage X3 in the market and Sage X3 v12 is at its infancy) to use DOSSVG task to backup the Sage X3 database to the application endpoint's SVG and then backup the folder to the backup vault.

Problem is when I have a sufficiently large database (like, 500+ GB), the DOSSVG task will struggle to complete the backup in the designated maintenance window (I was previously given 8+ hours but slowly shrinking with new client's IT head demanding shorter maintenance hours), taking beyond 8+ hours.

When it spillover to working hours, I have concern the data is not clean and I have no way to verify that the SVG folder has an issue.

I had a case where the DOSSVG backup shows no error from Sage X3's Query Management function but when I import in this SVG folder, one of the table's records was in-progress of being generated and had been backed up by DOSSVG, causing a full failure of the Sage X3 Console folder SVG import due to SQL Server unable to database restore an incomplete table.

From this document by Mr. Chris Hann:

Sage X3 v12 Console now have the SQL Server's BCP format with multi-threading support.

I generate the script from the Sage X3 Console and set the script to run from Windows Server's Task Scheduler.

When I do a test run, the backup size is smaller and finished in an hour or so with 4 parallel processors.

The idea is it possible to modernise Sage X3 backup process to use the faster database-native backup solution (SQL Server implementation uses BCP; Oracle I am not familiar to comment) over the classical DOSSVG since Adonix time?

The main concern I have as a backup personnel is:

  • The backup, if there is any error/warning, a description of the error/warning.

  • All data inside as of time of trigger.

  • How to validate the SVG folder data is fine. I may be asked by auditor to prove that at any point in time, that application endpoint folder + SVG recovered from backup server can be used as a recovery point with no import error.

  • Chun Heng Lee
  • Apr 3 2024
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