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Update ADMCA Menu Profile and Functional Authorization > Additions' to match current Sage X3 standard function list by default

For Sage X3, please update:

  • ADMCA Menu Profile.

  • Functional Authorization > Additions' left list

To the latest list of the Sage X3 standard function and inquires list.

Every time I try to create a new Manufacturing use-only function profile, I always forgot I need to manually add in the GESBOD using Functional Authorization or I cannot access the Common Data > Commercial BOMs despite having the function active.

This additional effort is not a single occurrence as I found out that certain standard functions such as CREEVL, VALEVL, and GESSQHREV were also not in the standard function selection list.

Additionally, I noticed these functions has no descriptions in the Menu Profile.

Another baffling detail I found out is that when I copy exactly the ADMCA menu profile and generate the function profile from there, there is no GESSQHREV on my duplicate Menu Profile code but ADMCA does have it.

To make matters worse, there are standard inquires that does not have their own functions equivalent for functional authorization setup:

This prove to be a concern for me as I can only do reactive change rather than set once and forget from the Menu Profile and I need to manually do a cross check against the function list and the inquiry list.

  • Chun Heng Lee
  • Jan 19 2024
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