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Instant User Notifications

One of our clients has asked if it's possible to expand on the X3 User Broadcast option to be able to send a message to all X3 users in real-time. That is, instead of creating a broadcast that displays on the user screen next time they log in, it pops up as a notification immediately for all active users in X3. The idea behind this is from an internal IT perspective, if there's a requirement to get all users out of X3 for a few moments to address a technical issue, that would be very useful so that all active users could be notified immediately. This is especially the case where workforces are large, multi-location and not necessarily connected to the same network domain etc. Thanks and regards Paul

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  • Aug 11 2023
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    Stephane Azouri commented
    3 May 10:16am

    We are planning on including both in-product chat / notification features, and integrating with MS Teams for easy external chat.

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