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Ability to set a retry time in minutes and number of retries for recurring tasks if they fail for any reason

In our Sage X3 project, we heavily rely on "Recurring Tasks" scheduled overnight to keep the integrity of the system and automated data maintenance. This way a lot of issues regard to Stock resynchronization and Finance resynchronization utilities are resolved before even user gets bothered with them (which helps a lot specially during stressful times like month/year end). Sometimes, when a scheduled task fails to run properly or comes with "Error" status (specially for Finance resynchronizations) its could be due to famous issue "Impossible to place an exclusive lock on the company" or sometimes simply because Batch server was down or maybe too busy, etc. It would be really helpful if we can set number of retries and retry time for such tasks/group of tasks to re-run again in case of failure.  Please comment if you can think of a better way to improve this functionality (Recurring task) to handle "Error" status in a more automated way, or share your valuable experiences in this regard. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ These are list of tasks I usually schedule in any Sage X3 project as standard (depending on the project itself and modules implemented): CALMFGCOST CALSCOCOST FUNBPCMVT FUNBPSMVT RECECT RECENG RECBAL RECBLA RECSOL RECLET ACCFINEX RECBLQ FUNSTKACC FUNWIPACC FUNMRP RECBLP FUNSTOR FUNSYNREO FUNLOCS FUNSYNCW FUNSYNSRG FUNSTOWIPW VALSTA Re, Victor 

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  • Jul 4 2023
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