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Allow the Mobile Automation on more than one folder

Real case scenario – customer uses mobile automation on the LIVE folder, but also needs it to be active on a TEST folder for training new users, testing functionality, etc.  On my VM, I have the SEED folder (as delivered) and a folder which started life as a copy of SEED called MWK12. In the Mobile Automation screen, it gives the option to change folder, so I have to assume that this feature is available.  However, I have found that I need to set the X3 Solution to use the Service of a specific folder.  In order to make the Mobile Automation run in my new folder, I had to add the following A new MS SQL service for this Endpoint (under Administration > Endpoints) A new SOAP pool configuration for this Endpoint (under Administration > Web services)                 I was concerned that the existing one was called ‘ADC’, and was this a mandatory name, but it seems not – my new one is called ADC_MWK12  But the limitation seems to be that, in X3 Solution (under Administration > Endpoints), I have to specify the SQL service of one folder.  While it is set to the MWK12 service, the Mobile Automation will not work in SEED, and vice versa.

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  • Jan 4 2023
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