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Specify which Syracuse instance the batch server will use in multi-Syracuse architectures

When running multiple syracuse instances, would like to be able to specify which Syracuse instance the batch server will use. We have a customer with 3 syracuse servers - the idea is that there will be 2 used by the users for general day-to-day activity and these are included in the load balancing. Their is a third server that the customers wants to use purely for interfaces, the batch server etc but there isn't a way of forcing the batch server to use this specific syracuse server and it is always starting against one of the 2 servers that the users are on. As a result, when the batch server occasionally has an issue that requires a syracuse restart then we need to get all users out of the system rather than just being able to restart the server that isn't being used by the users.

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  • Aug 18 2021
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