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Selection Box Criteria Function Should Allow Searches For All Records

When you drill into a selection box that has a value in it, if it has a value populated the left list is then filtered for anything greater than this value, but if you search in the search dialog for a value less than the populated value it comes back with no records selected. Even though it does exist, you can find it using the back button to scroll through the pages.

The selection function should work as follows, if you put a value into one of the search dialogue fields it should be searching *all* records not just greater than the current value in the field you`ve launched the search from.

Currently, the error message popup received leads to confusion as it suggests to the user the value they have searched for doesn’t exist, when in fact it does. Additionally, if you have hundreds of values for a specific selection field, tabbing back through 10s of pages is time-consuming and counterproductive.

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  • Mar 7 2024
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