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Export to Excel - Issue with Data being Formated as an Excel "Table"

In version 12 of Sage whenever a user performs an "Excel export" from the system the information (Ex: exporting results from a Query) the data is captured in an Excel Table. The issue with the data being presented in this manner is that multiple column filters cannot be invoked. The spreadsheet seems to treat each column as its own table. So if the user tried to apply a column filter on column A and then on column B the resultant data set would not be correct. The workaround that I've come up with is to copy the data and then do a Paste Special - Values to another tab of the worksheet and then the user can start with the data filtering.

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  • Mar 5 2024
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  • RICHARD AMOAH commented
    7 Mar 03:19pm

    Although this is a problem, it requires knowledge in excel to solve, but first to avoid this problem, you must change the document type to pdf as this format is more organized. You can also print in excel and solve this problem this way;

    1. select column A and choose data function

    2. 2. Next select data to column function

    3. 3. choose delimited, click next and check semicolon box

    4. 4. click next and then finish

    5. note that this format is for data with colons & semi-colons