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Handle the characters that exceed the limit as before (V6)

If we enter a product code (or any descriptions) exceeding its limit number.

Now: A tip will be displayed: “The limit number of characters is reached.”

The complete character will not be shown, and the exceeding number will be cut off.

Before (V6): If the limit number of characters is reached, instead of displaying this "tip", an underline will be shown, and the description cannot be saved. But the complete character is remained in the box.

The customer just wants that the reminding way is the same as before.

Because in the earlier version, it was not possible to do the save if the limit number of characters is reached. But now, the exceeding characters are automatically cut off and saved.

The customer does not know how long the description will be; they just copy and paste directly, and wants to know whether it exceeds the limit.

Because the reminding way is changed. Before, I can find this error at that time and do the modification, but now I need to check ,and maybe find out this error many days later.

So, is it possible to bring back the old feature? We think the old reminding way for the characters that exceed the limit is better.

Thank you very much.

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  • Feb 26 2024
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