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Bring back the NA-BPATB Aged Trial Balance Report

From Mr. Kevin Coulter:

In version 12, the NA-BPATB crystal report was deprecated.

This report was very popular with clients, simple, well formatted (use it right out of the box), familiar and always tied out against the general ledger.

Now there is the BALAGEGRPDEV and if you want to run the aging that can be backed BALAGEHIST.

They are not as clean and easy to use (I've encountered reconciliation issues with them). In my opinion they are a step backwards.

If it is an issue of R&D not wanting to maintain multiple aging reports in the system my vote would be to deprecate BALAGEGRPDEV and BALAGEHIST and keep the NA-BPATB.

  • Chun Heng Lee
  • Jan 3 2024