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Preventative Maintenance - Loads from Preventative Maintenance Job Tickets should Show up as a Load on the Machine Work Center Associated with the Equipment Record

The preventative maintenance module allows a maintenance supervisor to setup Equipment records to represent the different machines in the production facility. The Equipment records have a field where the associated machine work center can be defined. Currently when a job ticket is issued for maintenance work to be conducted on a piece of equipment the system does not recognize this as a load on the respective machine work center. This is problematic from a production scheduling perspective. Reason being a production planner needs to know the capacity of all his/her machine work centers for the day so the appropriate number of work orders can be scheduled through the work center. If the machine work center is out of commissions for maintenace work that day and if this is not reflected in the load calculations the production planner could schedule work that cannot actually be run in the factory.

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  • Apr 15 2024
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