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Instant messenger chat Technical support team for troubleshoot or error assistance

It will very helpful please SAGE Admin to have a readily available SAGE technical support team online to assist SAGE users on errors encountered daily with the use of the system. This can be added as a messenger into the SAGE system and also one linking general SAGE users to share ideas on the subject incase someone has an idea how to solve the error. Currently, I act as the technical support for SAGE users in my company to quickly solve errors to avoid delays in the process. I have to research about the error online for solutions, learn and implement it. When a mail is sent to our SAGE technical support, it usually takes along time to get feedback as the responses are based on the ticket number which runs through 100s and the feedback on the error is not 100% as it may solve some but not all. so please, if you can include this would be very helpful thank you.

  • Mar 25 2024